We believe CCD Tigers Academy is a place of elevation for all cricketers who desire to be on top of their game. It is a place where cricketers seek refuge escaping from the current dangers of our Namibian society in the form of drug and alcohol abuse, pre-marital sex, peer pressure, child marriages etc.

We believe in equality and giving everyone a fair chance to discover their God-given talents and abilities. The coaches create a good learning environment which is safe and free to ensure every cricketer pursue their dream.

Cricket is a very complex sport and involves exhibiting excellence through synergic physical activities. However, it has the greatest ethics and when the best sportsman enriches it with skill and quality there is no doubt it is one of the best games in the World. I welcome you all to CCD Cricket Academy.

Cricket in this country should be for all regardless of race, color, gender, nationality, or stature. We all play cricket for different reasons but having fun is a priority for everyone. We are also dedicated to helping talented players from all backgrounds develop and transition to the next level. Our aim is for all cricketers in Namibia to have equal opportunities to showcase their talent. While it is a fact that not everyone can play for Namibia, we are dedicated to
ensuring that our players reach their full potential. I wish everyone all the best on their Cricket journey with CCD Tigers Cricket Academy. I invite you all to be part of this wonderful journey of enjoyment through playing the sport that we all love.

Rangarirai (Norbert) Manyande
Founder & Director of coaching

About Mr. Rangarirai Manyande (Norbert)

He is dedicated to promoting the game of cricket by sharing his experience and expertise with young cricketers across the globe. Manyande has multi-cultural experience in various countries and has continuous oversight of the entire engagement with regular reporting channels from various members of the coaching staff. He is the chief coach and technical advisor of the Academy. Norbert has a long coaching history starting in Zimbabwe where he coached Churchill High School, Takashinga Cricket Club, Mashonaland u-19 provincial team, Assistant coach for Mashonaland senior provincial team, Zimbabwe under 15 team, and assistant coach at the Zimbabwe CFX Cricket Academy.

In Namibia Norbert started by coaching Namibia u-13 in 2009 and rose through the ranks by moving up to the u-15 and u-17 in 2010 & 2011. During this period Manyande was also the u-19 team’s assistant coach to Johan Rudolph where he was also influential to ensure Namibia’s qualification to the World Cup in Australia in 2012.

Towards the end of 2012, Norbert became the u-19 head coach where he enjoyed a lot of success. Under Norbert Manyande the u-19 team was unbeaten for the first time in 2013 and lost only one game in 2014 at the Coca-cola Khaya Majola weeks in South Africa. Norbert helped the u-19s to qualify for the World cup four times in a raw. He also helped Namibia u-19 improve their World rankings from 16 to 14 in 2014. Under Norbert, the team continued to improve as they were ranked 7th in the World by beating South Africa and reaching the quarterfinals in 2016. The team also became the top associate u-19 team in the World and gained automatic qualification to the 2018 World Cup. In 2013 the Namibia u-19 team was voted as the team of the year while their coach (Norbert) was a nominee for coach of the year at the Namibia Sports Awards.

In 2016 Norbert Manyande was voted as the coach of the year while his team was also voted as the team of the year at the Cricket Namibia awards in 2016. In 2015 – 2016 Norbert was also appointed as the Namibia senior team’s assistant coach.














Is to bring out hidden talents and be the cornerstone in the rise of our cricketers. We do not only avail talented cricketers the opportunity to improve their skills and become top quality products, fundamental to this is providing all aspiring cricketers, whether their background, the chance to
meet their true potential.


It is our aim and responsibility as a professional senior cricketers to leave the sports industry in a better state than we found it. Therefore, our vision is to develop and promote the ideals of responsibility, respect, personal worth, hard work, the spirit of cricket, and fellowship within a safe and positive environment.


Is to take cricket to areas that have not yet been reached and to give an opportunity to someone who otherwise would never have a chance. Make use of our coaching clinics and coaching camps to strengthen friendships and to bridge the gap between cultures and communities as well as provide exposure to the young cricketers that come within the sphere of the Academy.